Your data is your private property.
We are constantly connected to the global web. We generate petabytes of data. All this data now belongs to everybody but us. But we've found a way to change that!
Everybody collects your data
Hundreds of millions of dollars are made every year on selling, reselling and using your data. How much money did you get for your data? Zero.
Your browser and websites
Sites you visit and what you do there
Social networks
Whom you talk to and about what
Sensors on your phone
GPS, health data, activity
Personal assistant
What you talk
about and when
Other devices
Everything you do and say
They say - "forget about your privacy, it's too late for that".

They're lying. Privacy means freedom. And it's never too late to fight for freedom.
We found a way to take our right to be free back.
We've built a "good terminator" to protect people - a good AI that is bound to you belongs to you, and serves no one but you. It collects all your data from all the providers and builds your digital DNA - a patented encrypted data structuring technology. And then protects it at a cost of its own life.
Private Artificial intelligence
Propretary gamification engine
Our goal is to get humanity back to the drivers' seat of evolution.
In order to survive AI expansion and stop the avalanche of jobs elimination - we have to become better than machines. And Digital DNA is a way to make that happen.
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