Your Digital DNA is not a feature
We are believe that your data can be more useful for you. And all your digital data like a DNA. Future is here and who nows maybe it is the first step to create digital life.
Everybody collect your data
Huge data centers built just for collect your data. Some services use them to help you, some for puprpose to sell them or to push you buy something.
Your browser and websites
Cookies and visits, history of search
Social networks
Messages, likes and advertising
Sensors on your phone
Gyroscope, health kit and etc
Personal assistant
History of search, interests, music
Other devices
Wearable and IoT, smart home
It's impossible to fight, and it's useless, but…
We found a new way, we are making an revolution
You can choose direction of the future. The first step is collect your DDNA. It could be work in next steps to help you improve your life. We will show you more information about you that will base on your data.
Private Artificial intelligence
Propretary gamification engine
And more and more beautiful ideas!
Our goal to make people healthier, happier, more concious
You data have to work for you. You will see all connection in your life, and probably could get a new insights.
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